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ECCU1 - 27th April - 2018 - Saint John, NB - FULL


ECCU IP Schoool - 28th April - Saint John, NB - FULL


ECCU1 - 6th September - 2018 - Halifax, NS - Available


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World Congress of Ultrasound in Medical Education (WCUME) - Montreal, Canada, Oct 12-15



The 5th World Congress in 2017 is the premier venue for physicians seeking to integrate ultrasound in medical education and clinical practice. This event will enable international and national leaders in point-of-care ultrasound to share their knowledge with students, residents, and other medical professionals. 


The ECCU 1 Course is fully recognized by The Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society (CEUS).
Attending a recognized introductory Emergency Ultrasound course is a required first step in attaining the status of
Independent Practitioner (IP).

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Ever imagined a time when you could look for abdominal aortic aneurysms or a hemoperitoneum in trauma in your department? Need to assess if your hypotensive patient is under or overfilled? Want to assess for intrauterine pregnancy? Wondering if there is a way to help determine the underlying cause in a PEA cardiac arrest? Just starting to use ultrasound to insert central venous lines?

Many clinicians are recognizing the benefits of focused ultrasound performed at the bedside for acutely ill or injured patients.

In Canada, Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification is provided by the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society (CEUS).


Our courses are aimed at those wishing to start using ultrasound in their clinical practice, or to expand their skills. Courses are run by experienced specialists with experience in point of care ultrasound in the emergency and critical care setting.

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